PlayboyPlus – Exotic Swim with Anita Serena (2015)

Newcomer Anita Serena is off to a great start with this poolside striptease from producer Holly Randall. Half Filipino, brown-haired Anita comes to us from Las Vegas, by way of suburban Michigan—the self-professed nature lover spends more time in the surrounding desert than on the Strip, and she knows a thing or two about wearing a bikini. “About Playboy, I just decided it was now or never,” says Anita, confident. “Since I was a little girl, there’s always been a part of me who wanted to be a Playboy model!” Anita tells us that her favorite part of her body is her hair—“I get a lot of compliments on it,” she says proudly—and we humbly nominate her long, shapely legs as our favorite part. Take a skinny dip with the beautiful Anita Serena, only on Playboy Plus.

Rates : 14