PlayboyPlus – Sweet Tease with Vivien (2015)

Vivien is such a tease in this slow, seductive video. With long, dark hair and dark brown eyes, Vivien represents the very best of her home country, Hungary. In nothing but a bit of fur and a pair of heels, she’s making quite the first impression, both as a model and an adventurous free spirit. “I’m bisexual,” says Vivien, by way of introduction. “For me, men and women should have an interesting personality, and be secure but modest at the same time…and sexy.” Lucky for us, Vivien meant ‘modesty’ in the moral sense of the word—where the body is concerned, she’s got no problem with a little nudity. Take in every last inch of the beautiful Vivien, right here on Playboy Plus.

Rates : 26