PlayboyPlus – Thrilling View with Anna Tatu (2015)

Anna Tatu makes her Playboy debut with this outdoor nude video from producer Fredrik Andersson. Blonde-haired, brown-eyed and all natural, Anna comes to us from the southern Czech Republic. She’s a successful model, and has traveled all over the world, but she had one big thing left on her bucket list: to pose for Playboy. We were only too glad to oblige her. “I have lots of modeling experience,” says Anna. “I think Playboy is really luxurious. The girls are some of the most beautiful in the world!” ‘Beautiful’ isn’t strong enough a word to describe Miss Tatu—with such a marked lack of inhibition in front of the camera, she’s simply out of this world. Take a tour of Eastern Europe with the erotically-inclined Anna Tatu, right here on Playboy Plus.

Rates : 40