All Around You – Alexa Tomas, Joel Tomas (2017)

Gorgeous Alexa Tomas is on the phone to her lover when he asks her to put on something sexy that accentuates her awesome figure – it’s a scorching start to “All Around You,” Alis Locanta’s passionate study of this real life Spanish couple’s relationship. Alexa gets a surprise when Joel Tomas suddenly appears; he is enchanted by the sight of her in her sexy dress, and carries her through to the living room, where he sucks heartily on her small, pert breasts. Alexa is naked in a flash, and gasping as Joel’s tongue flickers backwards and forwards over her shaved pussy, teasing her clit. He finger-bangs her until she’s dripping wet, and she jerks his thick cock and sucks the head noisily, then takes it deep enough down her throat to make her gag. She straddles Joel in cowgirl and feeds his rigid shaft into her tight, wet pussy, riding hard, her body bucking wildly. Her cries get even louder as she spins around into reverse cowgirl, letting Joel thrust up into her as he strums her clit. Alexa throws back her head in ecstasy, her beautiful breasts jiggling as her entire body spasms uncontrollably. Joel rolls her into spoons so he can slam into her from behind, hard and frantic; then flips her into missionary and fucks her through a noisy orgasm, making her shudder with delight. Alexa sucks and jacks her man off over her outstretched tongue and they kiss and melt into each other’s arms, enveloped in their mutual passion.