Behind the Door – Lindsey Olsen, Kristof Cale (SexArt / 2015)

The title of this Andrej Lupin creation may bring to mind the vintage X-rated classic “Behind the Green Door,” or subtly suggest a voyeuristic theme, but neither inference is even remotely accurate — “Behind the Door” is a sweet, playful, and engaging celebration of love, attraction, and sexual satisfaction. Soft lighting in an inviting bedroom provides a perfect setting and atmosphere for the natural, spontaneous, sincere performances of the film’s stars, Lindsey Olsen and Kristof Cale. Olsen is alone in the room and casually begins to disrobe when Cale races up the stairs to meet her. They kiss and embrace, but vixenish Lindsey decides to pause and tease her lover. She closes and locks the glass-paneled bedroom door, and then as Kristof watches, she strips down to nothing but her white panties. The gleeful look on Olsen’s face lets her lover (and the viewer) know that she wants to tempt, not torment, and she soon unlocks the door and lets Kristof in. With both lovers now in a state of high arousal and anticipation, the encounter quickly begins to sizzle. Cale peels off Lindsey’s panties then lovingly licks and fingers her pink slit until she moans with delight. Olsen is eager to return the oral favor and works Kristof’s cock with her hands and mouth while maintaining tantalizing eye-contact with her lover. Fucking, in a variety of positions, follows, punctuated by more loving oral action — as well as a wet and wonderful surprise — before Lindsey, literally drained and totally satisfied, milks a load from Cale’s cock. Thanks to a director’s skill and the natural talents and energetic spirit of two talented performers, those who appreciate the joy of sex will find it…”Behind the Door.”