Coin Toss: Tails – Lucy Heart, Vicky Love (2017)

As “Coin Toss: Tails” – the first episode of Andrej Lupin’s arousing new two-part series – begins, voluptuous Vicky Love smiles to herself as she flips a coin before taking a bath. In the tub, the hot blonde touches herself sensually, paying special attention to her pussy. The camera cuts to sexy Russian babe Lucy Heart, who’s lying on the bed in stockings and slip, watching Vicky approvingly. The action cuts back and forth between the two babes as they mirror each other’s moves, groping their breasts hard and rubbing their pussies to a simultaneous orgasm. Lucy beckons Vicky to join her. They kiss voraciously, intertwining tongues, before Vicky slides a hand between Lucy’s open legs and starts stroking the naked labia of her hair-crowned pussy. Vicky drops between Lucy’s thighs and presses her mouth up close on her juicy hole, making Lucy gasp and squirm beneath her probing tongue. Lucy shakes all over as Vicky’s tongue flicks in and out of her snatch rhythmically, and her orgasmic cries fill the bedroom. They move into spoons, Vicky thrusting two fingers inside Lucy’s pouty-lipped pussy and fingerbanging her, hard and fast. Lucy’s breasts jiggle as her body bucks uncontrollably, and she rubs her own clit until she comes again. Lucy rolls Vicky onto her back, sucking her hard nipples, then eating and fingering her pussy until she succumbs to an explosive climax. Still reeling in ecstasy, Vicky gets up on all fours and grinds her pussy hard onto Lucy’s thrusting fingers, yelping as she has another climax. With the lovers’ lust finally sated, they celebrate their multi-orgasmic experience by showering each other with kisses, before slipping into the bathtub together. But what will happen when the coin lands on ‘Heads’?