Columns – Katy Rose, Margot A (SexArt / 2016)

Two beautiful bodies grind together against a wooden pillar. The camera pulls back to show sweet blonde Katy Rose and sexy brunette Margot A, giggling and gasping with pleasure as they tease one another. The titular “Columns” provide the perfect playground for their animated coupling, as two different views from the timeline are shown simultaneously – Katy fingering Margot avidly, and kneeling to eat her pussy. Margot becomes increasingly vocal in her appreciation of Katy’s oral attention, and new visuals are introduced to the montage: Katy nuzzling Margot’s peachy ass as she eats her from behind, and fingering Margot vigorously as she spreads her legs wide. A new thread of the encounter is introduced as Katy sits on the table, rocking her hips against Margot’s probing fingers, tongue and toes. The two gorgeous, uninhibited and sexually confident girls enjoy delicious orgasms, the fascinating juxtaposed long shots intercut with intense close-ups to ensure not a moment of their fun is missed. “Columns” is a visually stimulating experience in all senses.