Days Like Honey – Part II – Sicilia, Lexi Dona, Jason X (2015)

One the best things about staying at a friend’s house for the weekend can be the friend… and in this case, Jason couldn’t be happier to be that friend. 🙂 Seeing his weekend guests sharing special time together is more than enough to get him excited to join in and these two lovely ladies have no objections. Quite the opposite actually. They came here to experience pleasure and that’s just what they’re going to do. Luckily for Jason, he doesn’t need to do much but sit back and enjoy as his two house guests take care of everything. And just like before, these two take their time… making sure to thank their host properly for his hospitality and generosity. 🙂 Come on in and see just how thankful they all are to be together this weekend… enjoy! 🙂