Demolition – Lucy Li, Vanessa Decker (2017)

Busty brunette babes Vanessa Decker and Lucy Li are smashing a wall down with sledgehammers as “Demolition” begins, dressed in tight white T-shirts, denim shorts and work boots. The wall crumbles in slow motion, big titties bouncing and jiggling. Soon, Vanessa is rubbing the handle of her hammer up against Lucy’s crotch as the voluptuous girls begin to undress each other. Lucy pins Vanessa against the wall and rolls her top up to free her big, firm breasts, kissing her passionately as she frees her own ample bosom. Lucy’s pale, creamy titties press against Vanessa’s tanned melons. Her tongue flickering into Vanessa’s mouth, Lucy slips a hand inside Vanessa’s tiny shorts, grinding a finger over her clit, making her wet. Vanessa grinds and bucks against Lucy’s hand; Lucy fingers her hard enough to make her own enormous breasts jiggle frantically. Lucy squats at Vanessa’s feet and pulls down her tight shorts to bury her face in her shaved pussy, dragging her tongue between Vanessa’s dark lips. With her tongue pressed up flat against Vanessa’s clit, Lucy works a finger inside her pussy, making her moan her way to an intense orgasm. Lucy’s big breasts are irresistible, ripe for sucking, and Vanessa eagerly takes the nipples into her mouth, suckling and kissing them lovingly. Vanessa sucks Lucy’s clit, then works her pussy with both hands, driving her to a climax of her own. A stylish addition to director Andrej Lupin’s ground breaking “Art Collection,” lovers of big-breasted babes will not want to miss the heavy hitters in “Demolition”!