Either Or – Chrissy Fox, Nick Ross (2017)

Sexy babe Chrissy Fox is in a teasing mood at the start of Andrej Lupin’s sizzling tribute to unequivocal lust, “Either Or.” She locks her lover Nick Ross outside when he goes to retrieve beers he has chilling in the snow, and flashes her beautiful big breasts, taunting him with the decision between beer or sex. Naturally he chooses sex, so she lets him back inside. They kiss avidly, and horny Chrissy immediately drops to her knees and wraps her mouth around Nick’s rapidly stiffening cock, sucking it ravenously. Now she wants hers, and pushes his head down to her pretty shaved pussy. He eats her skillfully, making her knees weak, and she turns around for him to thrust his cock into her from behind. Nick pumps into her forcefully, and Chrissy rocks back to meet his thrusts, gasping with arousal. Nick drops back onto the bed with Chrissy still impaled on his erection in reverse cowgirl, and she gets in the driving seat, bobbing on and off his cock energetically and grinding deep, still balancing herself with a hand on the glass doors. She spins around into cowgirl, jumping up on Nick’s long dick and riding to her climax, trembling with excitement. The rhythm of her humping synchronizes with Nick’s hard thrusts, her shrieks of pleasure reaching a crescendo as they climax simultaneously. Chrissy collapses on top of Nick and, as she shows her appreciation by showering him with kisses, the camera goes in for an extreme close-up of his cock slipping out of her pussy, leaving a trail of spunk to dribble out of her twitching honey hole. Be sure to watch right through to the end…