Female Multiple Orgasm Massage – Charlotta (2017)

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of giving a woman multiple orgasms, you know what a thrill it is, for both you and her. It’s like winning the sex lottery. And it’s one of those experiences that reminds you of just how amazing women are, and why we crave their company in the sheets.

This film is an intimate, close-up view of how it happens. But not in a cold, clinical way. It’s more like a couple girls you know ask you to step into a private room and watch them do a secret magic trick. And then you discover that this magic trick involves warm oil, open pussy, and a majestic dose of sensual massage. Who won the sex lottery now?

Come in close and share in her journey. Warm hands on trembling skin. Wide thighs revealing gardens of delight. Slow, patient administration of powerful thrusts and gentle caresses. And then the release, again and again. You’re up next. Climb on and follow her to heaven.