Flowers – Katie Rose, Lexie Dona (SexArt / 2015)

“Flowers” has a distinctly Spanish flavor, with an evocative soundtrack to accompany the sight of two beautiful girls enjoying each other’s company in a light-drenched villa. Katy Rose and Lexie Dona are already naked, kissing and cuddling playfully when we join them. Lexie kisses her way down to her pretty blonde girlfriend’s pussy, sucking and licking with an intensity that makes Katy arch her back and gasp with pleasure, then flipping her over and stroking her to an overwhelming climax. Lexie straddles Katy and rides her fingers, then sits on her face to get eaten to the brink of ecstasy. Katy uses her nimble fingers to push Lexie over the edge into a spectacular orgasm. A simple but powerful combination of feminine beauty, mutual attraction and uninhibited sexuality makes “Flowers” a treat for lovers of authentic Sapphic erotica.