German Massage – Texas Patti, Tommy Gunn (2017)

American Tommy Gunn decides to stop into a NURU spa in Germany to see if the service is the same back home. German masseuse Texas Patti is more than happy to accommodate the traveler’s request and guides him to the massage room to undress. Tommy is amazed that the setup is the same. Even the way the masseuse dances out of her robe, peels off her lingerie and stiffens his cock with the sight of her firm, ample tits.

She lathers his body with soap in the showers, stroking his shaft and cupping his tight balls. By the time they climb into the bath, Tommy’s dick is so rigid it sticks out of the tub, inviting her to put it in her mouth. He sits on the edge of the tub to give fraulein Texas Patti room to maneuver.

Ready for the NURU massage, they move onto the mat. She seductively applies the sticky gel onto his backside. She coats herself with the lubricant and slowly slides her taut naked body all over him. After she tells him to turn around, she sucks his cock. She slides her slippery body over his until their genitals are aligned.

Tantalizing him with impending pleasure, she slowly lowers herself onto his thick cock and methodically fucks him. He spoons her and fucks her sideways, rubbing her clit till she cums. Then he pummels her pussy, taking it deep till he pulls out and cums on her tummy!