Instruction – Isabella Chrystin, Nick Ross (2017)

Ebony beauty Isabella Chrystin is making an “Instruction” video about how to give a foam massage. First, she makes the bubbles, combining oil, water and shower gel, mixing until the foam is thick. Then it’s time for the massage. Face down on the table, Nick Ross lies relaxing while Isabella lathers his back and shoulders. Unknown to Nick, Isabella has removed her robe, though it becomes obvious the moment she uses her gorgeous breasts to rub his back, her nipples stiffening at the touch. Nick can’t resist reaching out for her pussy as she lathers his back, running a finger between her pussy lips. He finds her wet already, aroused from the sensual massage. Isabella climbs onto the table to glide her soapy tits over Nick’s body, straddling his ass to grind herself on his butt. Nick strokes her pussy as she rubs her whole body against him. Nick rolls over and Isabella pays full attention to his cock, gently soaping his balls and shaft, using both hands to caress him, fingertips circling his cockhead. Nick’s hands wander to Isabella’s hard nipples so she covers her breasts in foam, climbs back on the table and strokes them against his rod. The soap spreads down her body until her shaved slit is covered in creamy white foam; now she uses her pussy to massage Nick’s cock, sliding her lips up and down his length. To finish the massage, Isabella licks and sucks Nick’s prick, taking his balls into her mouth, pleasuring every inch of his glans with tongue and lips. She’s about to leave, but Nick tempts her to stay by stroking her pussy gently. She can’t resist, and bends over to let him sink his cock into her wet, soapy slot. She turns onto her back so Nick can eat her juiced-up pussy, then onto her side so he can fuck her deep and play with the awesome curves of her ass, and then she straddles him to ride to a noisy orgasm. And when Nick’s ready, Isabella has one last massage in mind, jerking his load onto her beautiful breasts and belly. It may not have been the “Instruction” video Isabella intended to make, but it certainly is compelling viewing!