Lovely Books – Candy Belle, Linda Sweet (SexArt / 2016)

Linda Sweet and Candy Belle are flicking through the pages of some paperbacks, checking for money hidden between the pages, as “Lovely Books’ begins. As they celebrate their good fortune they start to cuddle and caress each other, sharing a tentative embrace. Candy kisses her way down Linda’s neck and along her soft thighs, shoving the books aside to make room as she peels off Linda’s panties and starts to stroke her pussy. She kisses around Linda’s smooth pussy mound before running her tongue over the puffy folds, tight white panties clinging to her peachy ass as she eats her girlfriend skilfully. They move into spoons for Candy to finger-bang Linda hard, the cute redhead rubbing her own clit frantically as she hits her orgasm. Linda pushes Candy onto her back, squeezing her beautiful breasts and pulling off her panties; she smiles up at her lover naughtily as she begins to lick her pussy. Candy arches her back as the rapid tonguing drives her wild, then turns over, her ass jiggling as Linda fingers her to a climax. An intimate study of a tender and loving interlude, “Lovely Books” is as charming as its title suggests.