Magical City – Bambi Joli, Belle Claire (2017)

Glamorous models Bambi Joli and Belle Claire – both making their SexArt debut here – cross paths on a bridge in Prague at the start of Andrej Lupin’s stylish “Magical City.” One look and they are hooked – on each other. Cut to a dimly lit bedroom, with seductive raven-haired Bambi on her back and big-breasted Belle leaning in to kiss her; both babes wear nothing apart from exotic black panties and high heels. As Belle’s lips and hands move all over Bambi’s beautiful small breasts and slender body, it’s evident that the girls’ interaction is sensual as much as lustful. Belle slides off Bambi’s panties and, having kissed along her inner thighs, licks at her shaven pussy. Bambi, unmoving, is content to lie back with her eyes closed and simply enjoy the attention; that is until Belle starts finger-banging her pussy, which rouses her, eliciting loud moans of pleasure. Belle’s fingers fly faster, Bambi’s mouth fixed open as she howls her way to a climax, her entire body trembling wildly. Bambi reciprocates with a shower of kisses before allowing Belle to spoon and resume frigging her, this time so forcefully her big breasts jiggle with every thrust. Aided by her own clit diddling, Bambi comes again. Belle lets Bambi take control, her tongue darting across Belle’s nipples before she heads south. She soon has Belle writhing with pleasure as she eats her to orgasm. The girls move into scissors, eyes fixed on each other as they grind their pussies together. It’s slow and intense at first but as their pussy lips start to kiss more voraciously, they move their hips faster, driving each other to a screaming, simultaneous orgasm. As they kiss through the afterglow, their knowing looks to camera – and the teasing coda – raise intriguing thoughts of opportunities taken or missed in this “Magical City.”