Me and Myself Part 2 – Alexis Crystal, Belle Claire (2017)

The concluding episode of Andrej Lupin’s stylish and sensual two-parter “Me and Myself” finds sexy Alexis Crystal chatting to her alter ego about her sexual exploits. This time, Alexis recalls a sauna encounter with tattooed Czech beauty Belle Claire. Mirroring the previous episode’s opening, it begins with Belle naked, her eyes closed, as Alexis watches her with an expression that suggests she has seduction in mind. She sidles closer and slips a hand between Belle’s thighs. The gorgeous redhead willingly spreads her legs and responds eagerly to Alexis’s passionate kisses; they press closer, Alexis caressing Belle’s beautiful breasts and sliding a hand down to stroke her pussy with its neat triangle of hair. Alexis squats with legs apart to get eaten, Belle’s flickering tongue and thrusting fingers stimulating her sweet shaved pussy until she’s gasping with excitement. Alexis kisses Belle hungrily, tasting her own cream from her lips, then laps hard and deep at her juicy pussy. She slides two fingers inside Belle as she sucks on her clit, making her arch her back and tremble uncontrollably as she climaxes. They cuddle up close and Belle thrusts her fingers into Alexis again, diddling her to an explosive orgasm. Back at her apartment, Alexis and her alter ego celebrate their sexual conquests by raising a glass to “Me and Myself.”