Morning Stretch – Kalisy, Pavlos (2017)

A rear view of naked Kalisy’s gorgeous ass and pussy as she executes a “Morning Stretch” in the bathroom mirror is a magnificently erotic way for Andrej Lupin to start this sizzling tribute to lustful attraction. As the sexy blonde works through her exercise routine, demonstrating the suppleness of her slender body, Pavlos watches approvingly. She sees him as she turns, and embraces him warmly; he spins her against the wall as their kiss grows heated, sliding a hand between her thighs to stroke her pussy. Her arousal building, Kalisy leads her man to the bedroom and unleashes his cock, sucking on the fat head and thick, curved shaft. She straddles him and guides his prick into her wet pussy, sliding up and down on it, nipples hard and hips rocking with each thrust. When she’s nearing climax, Kalisy moves up to sit on her partner’s face, Pavlos squeezing her perfect ass as he probes his tongue deep inside her sweet honeypot. Kalisy’s hips buck wildly, riding out the waves of pleasure as she grinds on his mouth. She lies back, Pavlos driving his cock back into her audibly wet pussy in missionary, slamming into her hard and fast, making her moan and gasp blissfully. The horny lovers reach climax simultaneously, Kalisy’s whole body spasming as Pavlos buries his cock deep. They kiss tenderly, the ideal “Morning Stretch” completed