Ocean Darling – Nancy A, Vanessa Decker (2017)

Perfectly naked, Vanessa Decker swims in the ocean as her girlfriend Nancy A watches – it’s a sensual start to Andrej Lupin’s erotic “Ocean Darling.” When she emerges from the water, voluptuous Vanessa slips on a white top that immediately sticks to her big, wet breasts, and goes indoors to be greeted by amorous blonde Nancy’s hot lips. Vanessa sucks Nancy’s beautiful breasts, flicking her tongue over the erect nipples, and then running her tongue down Nancy’s slender body, stopping at her shaved pussy with its cute landing strip of fuzz. She dips her tongue deep, teasing her slit and clit and thrusting two fingers into her from behind. Face down, ass up, Nancy strums her clit frantically, her moans of pleasure reaching a crescendo as she quivers through a powerful climax. Vanessa straddles Nancy’s pretty face, grinding her wet, shaved pussy on her lover’s mouth. Nancy laps at Vanessa’s plump pussy lips, then rolls her onto her back and finger-bangs her vigorously while sucking on her sensitive clit. Vanessa squirms uncontrollably as Nancy’s thrusting fingers drive her wild, her back arching as she has an orgasm so intense she gasps for air. Wet in every sense of the word, “Ocean Darling” is a deliciously passionate tribute to Sapphic attraction.