One Day In HotYlek Part 1 – Daisy Lee, Ricky (2017)

Packed with hot sex and intriguing plot lines, Andrej Lupin’s new series “One Day In HotYlek” gets off to a stunning start as Cab Man picks up The Boss and his Sexy Assistant from the airport and brings them back to HotYlek, the historic Czech hotel where Mr Naughty is running reception. As the pair head off to their separate rooms, Mr Naughty passes the time ogling a busty guest and pimping for a Call Girl, while the assistant, hot blonde Daisy Lee, flirts with a guy she meets at a café. Her jealous boss, Ricky, summons her to his room; their fight turns to passion and Daisy flings herself onto his lap, kissing him ardently. He sucks her stiff nipples, then throws her onto the bed; she frees his hard cock and strokes it as it swells in her hand. Ricky peels Daisy’s panties off and goes down to eat her shaved pussy, lapping at her clit and smearing her juice over her plump lips, then easing a finger inside her. He soon replaces the finger with his cock, slamming into her in missionary, with long hard thrusts. They flip over, Daisy straddling Ricky and bouncing on his cock, moaning loudly with every rise and fall. She rides hard, smiling with delight as she climaxes and Ricky cums inside her, pulling out to smear the last few drops over her ass. It’s a hot start to a complex, arousing and entertaining series.