One Day In HotYlek Part 2 – Anastazia, Max Dyor (2017)

Episode two of Andrej Lupin’s complex and highly arousing series “One Day In HotYlek” begins with the hotel’s scheming receptionist fixing up cheating husband Maxmilian Dior with a call girl. When sexy raven-haired Anastazia shows up, Maxmilian is waiting for her in nothing but a towel. As soon as she’s been paid, she strips and squats between her client’s thighs, stroking his hardening cock and then sucking him until he’s hugely rigid. She rolls a condom onto his cock, then lies back on the bed as he thrusts his cock deep inside her tight snatch, fucking her fast, pounding away happily as she writhes and moans beneath him. Maxmilian flips Anastazia over onto her side and then her front, clutching and slapping at her sweet ass as he fucks her faster and harder. He rolls onto his back and Anastazia straddles him, gliding up and down his full length, winding her hips to drive him crazy. It gets to her first, though, and with her fingers on her clit she orgasms breathlessly. As she lies back, exhausted, Max whips off the condom and she sucks him hands-free, then jerks him off over her beautiful breasts. As the gorgeous call girl leaves, cheating Max’s cute wife is on her way to the hotel…