One Morning – Assoli, Mona Kim (SexArt / 2015)

A new day is just getting under way. Assoli enters the bathroom to perform her ablutions. After she emerges, Mona Kim takes her place. While Mona is in the washroom Assoli pulls on a little black dress and prepares to leave. But when Mona emerges from the lavatory any thoughts of separation are quickly discarded. The lovers kiss. Mona’s towel falls away. And a spontaneous bout of love-play begins. Assoli is, initially, the aggressor. After stroking and fingering Mona’s pussy she falls to her knees and eagerly eats it. Passionate kissing and mutual masturbation follows, and then Assoli goes down once more, stroking, probing, and sucking Mona’s smooth box with focused determination and boundless hunger. After Mona achieves a moaning orgasm she joins Assoli on the floor. Mona kisses, strokes, and licks until Assoli impulsively humps against her lover’s mouth. The couple rise to their feet once more. But as Assoli’s arousal grows she sinks to the floor once again where Mona brings her to a dramatic, powerful, body-quaking orgasm. After a brief bit of post-orgasmic kissing and cuddling the pair enter the bathroom together for a quick clean-up before they say their goodbyes. Assoli then exits and Mona collapses on the bed. The steamy and spontaneous slice of lesbian life director Andrej Lupin and his two appealing stars present here make “One Morning” one extremely enjoyable experience.