Outlines Episode 2 – Riders On The Storm – Alexa Tomas, Silvie Luca (SexArt / 2015)

While the introductory installment of Alis Locanta’s “Outlines” was bold and provocative, in style, concept, and execution, it was not, we discover in “Outlines Episode 2 – Riders on the Storm,” the launch of a rigidly formatted series. Indeed, apart from its brevity — this episode is just over six minutes long, the debut was just over eight — “Riders on the Storm” has little in common with its predecessor. Most notably, this is a girl-girl film, and while it is highly stylized — it is “a Locanta Vision,” after all — it is free of the experimental visual effects that distinguished the earlier offering. But while the style of this episode is much more grounded in reality, it also plays with perception, point of view, and our expectations. Silvie Luca and Alexa Tomas, superficially similar but each distinctly beautiful, are costumed in nearly identical workout gear. Alexa, her skin beaded with sweat, has completed a routine on a pommel horse. From an adjacent room Silvie watches, then turns her back and impulsively begins to masturbate. In fantasy, or perhaps reality, Luca joins Tomas. She licks perspiration from Alexa’s torso, then, as Alexa balances on the apparatus, Silvie eats her to orgasm. In a parallel — or at least alternative — space, Alexa holds up a framed mirror while Silvie studies her own image. Luca acheives pleasure by giving pleasure. Tomas receives pleasure but doesn’t reciprocate. The narrative may be inscrutable, but “Outlines Episode 2 – Riders on the Storm” is a ride well worth taking.