Outlines Episode 4 – Fire My Light – Alexa Tomas, Taylor Sands (SexArt / 2015)

Check your ouija board, tarot cards, and tea leaves at the door — as the fourth episode in Sexart director Alis Locanta’s “Outlines” project proves beyond any doubt, predicting the subject, style, or content of these short erotic films is absolutely futile. And therein lies at least some portion of the appeal of the series: the unpredictable nature of the films is just about their only predictable aspect! As “Outlines Episode 4” begins the mood and atmospheres — visual and aural — are ominous. Taylor Sands, a storm lantern lighting her way, moves through inky darkness. The light ultimately falls on Alexa Tomas, blindfolded and bound. Without hesitation Taylor lifts the hem of Alexa’s dress to reveal her pussy. She turns her around and examines her firm ass. Then she puts down the lantern. After literally stripping Tomas, Sands unceremoniously gropes and fondles the breathless, highly aroused captive. But rather than taking the scenario in the obvious and implied direction Sands pauses. She disrobes and unshackles Tomas. Now gifted with sight and freedom Alexa drops down and hungrily sucks and licks Taylor’s pussy, and then fingers her to a powerful, moaning orgasm. Metal music throbs in the deep background. The camera pans erratically, as if dropped. Blackness. When the image returns it’s monochrome, grainy. Alexa, a face-mounted dildo sprouting luridly from her mouth, penetrates Taylor’s wet and swollen sex. She pulls the dildo out. She reinserts it. She repeats. A cryptic and eye-opening ending to the “Locanta Vision” titled “Outlines Episode 4 — Fire My Light.” What comes next? Nobody knows, but you will want to see it!