Outlines Episode 8 – Killing Me Softly – Alexa Tomas, Silvia Luca (SexArt / 2015)

By giving episode 8 of his innovative and experimental “Outlines” series a subtitle taken from a soulful romantic ballad, director Alis Locanta engages in a bit of playful misdirection. But when the film begins it does so on a jarring, sinister note, as a woman, scissors gripped tight in her balled fist, walks slowly through a darkened room. A quick cut reveals spread legs, a lathered pussy, a straight razor opening in the foreground. Then blackness. Alexa Tomas, scissors in hand, approaches the motionless and unresponsive Silvie Luca. She cuts Silvie’s dress from bottom to top, removes it, and circles, studying the now totally nude beauty. Alexa drops down and begins to kiss Luca’s pussy. Although her face remains impassive, a mask of undefined melancholy, Luca responds to Alexa’s touch and tongue. She moans as Alexa fingers her, and when Tomas stands up and skillfully strokes and gropes her, orgasm soon arrives. The conventions of lesbian erotica would now have the roles reverse and Silvie would proceed to pleasure Alexa, but this is “A Locanta Vision,” and the usual conventions do not apply. As the film proceeds we return to the shaving sequence briefly introduced in its opening moments. Alexa Tomas, in a highly aroused and agitated state, sits in a chair, her legs spread wide, her pussy exposed, as Silvie applies lather with a shaving brush. Silvie opens the razor and begins to shave. Alexa, wide-eyed, watches as the steel slides across her wet skin. The film cuts abruptly to a fragment from the dress-cutting sequence. The shaving resumes. The tension mounts. “Outlines Episode 8 — Killing Me Softly.” Erotic. Thriller. Period.