PlayboyPlus – Be My Valentine with Iana & Madi (2015)

Iana Little initiates newcomer Madi Meadows in this romantic Valentine’s Day video from producer Holly Randall. Rather than candy or flowers, all-natural Iana lets us know what she’d love to receive from her Valentine. “Lingerie is probably the best Valentine’s Day gift, because having a sexy little outfit always makes a girl feel special,” she explains. Anyway, Iana’s not a big fan of chocolates – she doesn’t like to eat sugar, but she likes to wear it in the form of a candy bikini. We think Miss Meadows likes it, too. “I like being single, because I can focus on myself more,” says Madi, “but my biggest turn-on is being dominated.” Iana is only too glad to oblige – trailing the juice of a strawberry from her lips to Madi’s skin, Miss Little pins her partner down and goes in for a slow, sensual kiss. “If I told you my secret weapon in the bedroom, it wouldn’t be such a secret,” says Iana, wagging a finger. “Let’s just say that I’m always on top of things!” Have a very happy Valentine’s Day with Iana Little and Madi Meadows, only on Playboy Plus.

Rates : 15