PlayboyPlus – Diverging Legs with Lia Taylor (2015)

Hungarian model Lia Taylor gets up close and very, very personal in this revealing video from producer Fredrik Andersson. Leading us into the bedroom, brown-haired Lia slips out of a teal-blue bra and panties, the better to show off her wonderfully smooth, tanned and 100% natural body. Now all she needs is someone to share it with. “I’m addicted to being in a relationship,” says Lia. “In a guy, I’m looking for a real man. My biggest celebrity crush is Jason Statham.” You don’t necessarily need to be an action star to win Lia’s heart – a little bit of creativity goes a long, long way, and with the right guy, she’s open to rendezvous outside of the bedroom. “The craziest places I’ve ever had sex are the cinema and on a train,” she says. Now that’s an action-packed movie we’d love to see – but in lieu of that, we’re more than happy with this titillating nude video.

Rates : 19