Prolonged Erection Massage (2017)

As any man can tell you who’s had the great fortune of experiencing it, an orgasm after edging is one of the most amazing feelings on earth. And any woman can tell you that being with a man who can edge is far superior to being with one who can’t. Further, any one who’s had problems with premature ejaculation can benefit from edging. So what is it? And how can you do it?

The process has had many names throughout history. The Catholics called it coitus reservatus; the yogis called it urddhava-retas; and 19th century American sexologist, Alice Stockham, called it karezza, after the Italian word for caress. But basically it means holding your erection for as long as you can by going to the point of no return and then stepping back from the edge. Hence the name.

One great way to try it out is to pleasure yourself while watching this amazing film. For a half hour, our male model has his member teased, stroked, massaged. See if you can withhold as long as he does. Relax and breathe. Go to the edge, then step back. Finally, to practice your control, try to cum right when he does. Sure, it takes practice, but, hey, at least it’s a lot more fun than learning to play violin!