Remember – Kira Queen, Matt Ice (SexArt / 2015)

Matt Ice dawdles outside the station, reminiscing about time spent with Kira Queen. We see the couple walking hand in hand, stopping to kiss lovingly, and strolling in the romantic streets of Sitges. Matt looks dejected as he revisits their old haunts, flashbacks of their joyful time together haunting him. His memory takes him back to a more intimate encounter, Kira lying back on the sofa as she masturbates for him. She teases him with a sexy dance, removing her dress and straddling his lap, her big natural breasts in his face. She smiles with delight as she releases his boner from the confines of his jeans and slides it into her snug pussy, gyrating her hips, her breasts bouncing as she rides. Virile Matt lifts her and flips her onto her back, pausing to eat her pussy skilfully before thrusting back into her in missionary, slamming deeper and harder as their mutual excitement grows. They move into spoons so he can stroke and squeeze her breasts and rub her clit as he fucks her to an orgasm; then smiling up at him, she licks and sucks his cock, squeezes it between her bountiful breasts and jerks out his load. “Remember” will conjure up familiar and bittersweet recollections of passion, connection and loss for all lovers, past and present.