Retrospect – Clea Gaultier, Thomas Lee (2017)

The mood is sombre as “Retrospect” begins, beautiful Clea Gaultier wrapped up against the cold as she gazes over the snowbound Czech landscape. She recalls time spent with her lover Thomas Lee, the pair encircled by each other’s arms, naked and warm. Their tender embrace turns heated, Thomas’s swelling cock pressing against Clea’s tattooed pussy mound as they kiss. She reaches down to stroke him, wrapping her fingers around his shaft as he squeezes her firm ass. The French fox straddles her man and rides him, her slender body rising and falling on his cock, slow and steady at first, then harder and faster as she moves into an energetic squat, unstoppable in her passion. Thomas goes down between her thighs, eating her pussy with its neat triangle of hair, licking her clit avidly. He pushes his cock back within her warm walls, drilling her with intense thrusts as she strokes her clit, making her orgasm as he fills her with his hot load. Clea’s sizzling reminiscence is a bittersweet tribute to love and longing.