Secrets Of Prague Episode 4 – Tracy Lindsay, Whitney Conroy (SexArt / 2015)

After the frenzied game-play — and wild extracurricular action — of the previous installment, “Secrets of Prague Episode 4” begins on a subdued, elegant, and refined note. The table has been set in the dining room of the luxury suite shared by contestants Whitney Conroy and Tracy Lindsay. The teammates, both in chic evening wear, take their seats, raise their glasses in a toast, and discuss the other competitors and their own plans to dominate the contest. When they’ve had enough to eat, drink, and discuss they take advantage of the hushed, sophisticated intimacy of the setting. In contrast to the often frantic, rush-rush, nature of the game they are playing, the pace here is measured, unhurried, but with a seething undercurrent of smoldering passion. Whitney straddles Tracy and they linger over several deep kisses. With her dress partially unzipped and hiked up for access, Whitney sits on the table’s edge and Tracy begins to tongue her exposed sex. As her fever mounts Conroy takes Lindsay’s head in her hands and humps her face to a powerful peak of pleasure, then she discards her dress, reclines on the table, and Lindsay eats and fingers her to a final thrilling climax. After dismounting the table, Whitney begins to disrobe her now-standing lover. Conroy starts in with kisses and the deft fingers of two knowing hands — one working from the rear, the other from the front. Then Whitney squats down in front of Tracy and eats her pussy to a knee-trembling climax. The game then resumes, with an abundance of intriguing clues and an unexpected tactical turn of events that will keep viewers of “Secrets of Prague Episode 4” on the edge of their seats and primed for the surprises ensuing installments hold.