Taste Of Evening – Dido A, Ryan Ryder (2017)

Beautiful blonde Dido A and Ryan Ryder are enjoying a “Taste of the Evening,” savoring the nightlife at a bar in Mallorca, but they only have eyes for each other. Dido looks absolutely gorgeous in her cute floral print dress, long hair flowing. The lovers walk home arm in arm, kissing and laughing together. Dido’s passion for her man brings out her wild side, and she leads Ryan down an alley and finds an open doorway to duck into. They kiss passionately, their hands all over each other, the fear of being caught adding to their excitement. Kneeling in front of Dido, Ryan pulls down her panties and licks her pussy. Dido, so turned on already, slides her dress down to free her breasts as Ryan strokes her clit. Ryan’s just as horny, standing up to let Dido undo his pants and shirt. She squats with Ryan’s hard cock in her hand and licks along his shaft, plunging her mouth all the way down his meat hungrily, bobbing her head fast. Ryan can’t wait to fuck her any longer; he presses her against the wall with one leg raised and slides his cock deep inside her, thrusting with rampant abandon. Spinning around, Dido jerks his cock, then cups her ass cheeks and pulls herself open to have him fuck her from behind. Onto the stairs now, Dido straddles her man in reverse cowgirl and bounces hard, beautiful breasts jiggling; then turns into cowgirl, riding him until he fills her pussy with his hot load. They dress hurriedly and resume their walk home, dishevelled and happy.