The Basement – Cherry Bright, Ryan Ryder (2016)

Ryan Ryder recounts a tale of working as a contractor in a suburban house, as Andrej Lupin’s subversive “The Basement” begins. Unknown to the homeowners, Ryan strikes up a relationship with their daughter, Cherry Bright. The tale takes a darker turn as Cherry confesses to a fantasy in which she is a dominant man’s sexual plaything. In the basement of her parents’ home, Cherry asks Ryan to tie her up and leave her alone for a while. Semi-naked and vulnerable, bound at the wrists, Cherry waits. When Ryan returns, he begins by feeding Cherry his cock, which she dutifully sucks, rocking back and forth on her knees as she takes his length into her mouth eagerly. He issues commands, which she follows with alacrity, assuring him that she likes it. Her only desire is to serve. Ryan turns his plaything onto her back, kissing her and rubbing at her pussy. His fingering gets Cherry dripping wet, while she lies there submissively, feet tied to the bed and arms restrained above her head. Ryan licks her clit, easing a finger up her hole. He moves her onto her knees and reties her hands, his rigid cock thrusting into her as he spanks her ass and she begs for more. Cherry has an intense orgasm, then jerks Ryan off, her hands still bound, until he shoots his hot seed all over her tits. Dark, daring and utterly unforgettable, “The Basement” pushes sexual and psychological boundaries in the most arousing way.