Unexpectedly – Morgan Rodriguez, Michael Fly (2017)

Sexy Morgan Rodriguez is masturbating in the bathtub, soaping up her breasts and spraying water over her clit, when Michael Fly walks in “Unexpectedly,” oblivious to her sexual heat. Morgan asks him to rub some shower gel onto her back, then surprises him with a kiss, yanking him into the tub in his underwear. Michael makes no protest, returning Morgan’s kiss passionately as she frees his hard cock and starts jerking him off. She stands over him and pulls his face to her shaved pussy; he licks and kisses her clit, stroking his tongue between her pussy lips, opening her up. She sucks on his fingers and has him slide two inside her, finger-banging her fast and hard, his mouth pressed up tight against her clit. Morgan pushes Michael back into the water, grabbing his dick with two hands and sucking on the wet tip, licking him up and down, taking him deep in her hot mouth. She clambers astride him, sliding her pussy down onto his rigid shaft, riding him energetically, the water splashing between their humping bodies. Stepping out of the tub, Morgan kneels on the bathroom floor to suck Michael’s cock again, then bends over the sink for Michael to eat her from behind, moaning lustfully with each probing thrust of his tongue. Wet and ready, Morgan’s pussy takes Michael’s cock deep as he fucks her slow and hard. As their mutual excitement builds he slams into her faster and harder, until they reach a climax together, Morgan’s pussy filled with Michael’s hot seed, both of them highly satisfied with the unexpected interlude.