Week – Antonia Sainz, Morgan Rodriguez & Nick Wolanski (SexArt / 2016)

Antonia Sainz and Morgan Rodriguez – making her SexArt debut – are very much in tune as they masturbate in adjoining rooms, each stroking herself towards orgasm with ever-increasing intensity. But that’s just the start of the fun-packed “Week” in store; soon Antonia finds herself listening and touching herself again as Morgan makes out with Nick Wolanski on the other side of the wall. Nick pleasures Morgan’s pussy with long, hungry licks and then thrusts into her vigorously, Antonia getting off to the sound of their moans. The following day, the roles are reversed as Antonia, dressed in sexy lingerie, rides Nick energetically while Morgan ignores their activity. But on the day after that, while Morgan is once again bouncing spiritedly on Nick’s cock, Antonia returns to her masturbatory ways. Another night passes, this time with Morgan touching herself as Antonia gets dressed up. Things take an unexpected turn, as the girls share Nick, sucking him in tandem; Morgan mounts his cock as Antonia straddles his face, leaning in to kiss her horny neighbor. The girls rub their breasts together as they ride, their excitement growing exponentially until Morgan has a powerful climax. Antonia moves to her hands and knees so Nick can fuck her to an orgasm of her own, then jerks him off over her girlfriend. And the girls still aren’t done, spending the next night rubbing their pussies together frenziedly until their mutual climax brings a most satisfying “Week” to a close.