What You Want – Linda Sweet, Timea Bella & Kristof Cale (SexArt / 2016)

“What You Want” starts out as a cosy, domestic scene; slender redhead Linda Sweet getting dressed, as her partner Kristof Cale reaches for his phone and starts texting. Kristof goes into the shower and Linda starts snooping through his phone, but when she finds something that shocks her, things take an unexpected turn. Linda meets with her girlfriend Timea Bella, hands over her door key, then returns to Kristof, seduces and blindfolds him. She binds his wrists, leaving him restrained with a raging erection as Timea enters the room. Bound as he is, Kristof is barely able to react as he feels two pairs of hands grabbing him roughly and two mouths taking turns to engulf his cock. Timea straddles Kristof’s masked face and grinds on it, as Linda squats over his prick and bounces up and down. They trade places, Timea riding cowgirl to a mighty orgasm, Linda rubbing her beautiful breasts in her lover’s face and then switching again to get her climax on his cock. The girls double-suck and jerk their willing plaything until he erupts, before finally releasing him and leading him to the shower. “What You Want” demonstrates the axiom that the best gift benefits the giver as much as the recipient.